The biggest denatured ethanol supplier in Jakarta

What can we get from a denatured ethanol supplier? For sure, buyers can get alcohol that is good for various purposes. Basically, denatured alcohol is a mix of regular ethanol in which the formulation is suited for human consumption. It is the agent which turns it unfit to consume.

So, what type of agents are utilized? Mostly, it is a mix of chemicals that render the final product to become poisonous. When it is consumed, then the drinker will suffer from nausea in which it will cause vomiting. Most of the time, the smell of the mix is also noxious.

Basically, the production of industrial alcohol is controlled by law. Various countries have different jurisdictions with various regulations and rules. Yet, the final product boasts the same characteristic in that it is non-consumable for humans.

What is actually the financial impact of this? Rules from any country and the regulations that relate will impact the cost of production raising of any product. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol is pricey, and due to this reason; the production cost is more expensive because of taxes.

When an industrial alcohol manufacturer has to propose an identical cost, the manufacturer is urged to increase prices to cover the production cost. The denaturing process ensures that there is no need to apply the cost so this kind of ethanol can be lower in price.
Consumers, who are mostly homeowners, need alcohol for their daily lives. First, alcohol can be a fabulous household cleaner. Denatured alcohol is also beneficial for those who use specific cleaners within a house on several kinds of surfaces.

How Consumers Should Find Denatured Ethanol Supplier in Jakarta

This kind of alcohol may cause the skin to dry. This is why homeowners are urged to wear protective protectors like rubber gloves. This is particularly when they handle the cleaning product physically. Several things within a house should be cleaned with denatured alcohol. Those things include:

  1. Ink
    Ink is absorbed in certain materials. One of them includes fabrics. What makes homeowners upset is when their white fabric was spilled with ink. For those who are in this unfortunate moment, then finding rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol can help lift the stain. Yet, it is important to be careful. It is possible to bleed the stain that may spread on the affected area. Things will get worse than before. The best thing to do is to rinse the alcohol once the stain has been removed from the garment. Then, the garment should be washed solely in order to move out any excess alcohol.

  2. Dyes
    Dyes that are commonly found in the household are hair dye. It is likely that it stains anything that has direct contact. Removing dye stains is as easy as soaking towels with a mix of water and alcohol from fabrics. Alcohol can also get rid of dye stains from hard surfaces like bench tops, floors, and other areas.

  3. Grass stains
    Grass stains on clothes are easy to remove by using rubbing alcohol as it can also prevent the stain from absorbing the fibers. When the stain sticks permanently to the material, it is getting harder to remove. But, once the grass stains are spilled on a cloth, then adding some drops of alcohol to a cloth to rub on the stained area can remove the mark. However, it is important to notice that too much alcohol may discolor the fabric. So, it is best to test the rubbing alcohol on a small area.

  4. Grease
    Nothing beats the power of denatured alcohol in removing grease or grime from various material types. It is also beneficial for cleaning surfaces before painting by using paints with enamel-based paints. Isopropyl alcohol can remove tar and grease from automotive paintwork.

  5. Glass Cleaning
    Who wouldn’t want to have streak-free windows? It is simple to obtain it by combining denatured alcohol with water in a 50:50 mix. Then, pour it into a spray bottle and spray the windows. Then, wipe over the liquid with a piece of paper towel.
    But, it is important to be careful in avoiding the sealing rubber of the window. It is likely that the alcohol can loosen some silicone types that may ruin black rubber seals that may stain window trimmings. So, using denatured alcohol for household cleaners requires a high level of carefulness. It relates to the further staining that may take place.

What Can We Expect from The Biggest Denatured Ethanol Supplier

Consumers should choose reputable ethanol suppliers which can provide the purest denatured alcohol. This is to ensure that they get what they expect from the solvent. Denatured alcohol is the main material for various products, particularly cosmetics, household solvents, and many other purposes. Low-quality denatured alcohol will influence the quality of the product.

Karsavicta is the best ethanol supplier that most consumers put their trust in. They have proven that Karsavicta can offer the best ethanol at the best price. Its high-quality ethanol has been in such great demand among consumers, whether they are companies or individuals.

Besides denatured alcohol, Karsavicta also provides extra neutral alcohol in terms of ethanol as well as Propylene Glycol USP Grade that is beneficial for solvent and humectant.
Through five decades, Karsavicta remains as the best supplier of denatured alcohol that many buyers choose. They know that they can count on the denatured alcohol quality that can be based on consumers’ formula.


Karsavicta is persistent to use sophisticated warehouse facilities containing some equipment in order to maintain high-quality products. That equipment includes fire prevention, stainless steel container tanks, and reliable support facilities with high tech.

Karsavicta has been successful in maintaining its reputation as the best-denatured ethanol supplier for five decades. It is well-established, thanks to its consistency in becoming the most reputable distributor of high-quality ethanol and denatured alcohol. There is no doubt that consumers can count on Karsavicta in providing the best product of denatured alcohol, ethanol, and Propylene Glycol USP Grade.