Ethanol Features

  • Valuable ingredient in the production of pharmaceuticals, air fresheners, cleaning products, personal care products, printing ink, fabric softeners, vinegar & yeast, paints and preserving agents.

  • The ethanol production process includes several steps, of which the most important are the extraction of sugars from feedstock, fermentation, distillation, and dehydration.

Ethanol Usability and

  • It is contained in perfumes, deodorants, and other cosmetics.

  • Ethanol also has many medical uses, and can be found in products such as medicines, medical wipes and as an antiseptic in most antibacterial hand sanitizer gels.

  • Flavors and aromas. Ethanol is used as a natural product to extract and concentrate flavors and aromas, which are then used by the food & drink industry. No alcohol is contained in the final products.

  • Paints and thermometers. It is widely used as a solvent, and can be found in many household products, such as the de-icer or anti-freeze used to clear cars’ windscreen.


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